JobRouter BPM Test Drive

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JobRouter BPM Software Test Drive:
Quickly prove the value of JobRouter to stakeholders across the organization.

JobRouter bpm software offers the opportunity to take a Test Drive - a hands-on workshop for people interested in JobRouter and who want to find out to what extent the JobRouter workflow can be integrated into their existing system environment.

JobRouter BPM Software Test Drive:
How does it work?

Your JobRouter Distributor or one of our certified JobRouter Partners installs JobRouter bpm software
at your site, provides training and implements your first project together with you. Technical questions regarding the interfaces of your systems will be clarified as a result. After this, you can test JobRouter for three weeks, without charge. You receive this service for a fixed price. Consulting cannot be cheaper or more efficient.

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Additional Benefits:

  • Demonstrate how the proposed process workflow automation will solve a business need.
  • Evaluate the potential for a full-scale business process management project.
  • Highlight areas where additional adjustment to business processes and workflow design may be beneficial.

JobRouter Test Drive