BPM & Workflow Solutions

BPM & Workflow Automation Solutions

Discover how workflow automation can convert your business activities - into business assets with JobRouter.

K12 Education BPM: Reducing Paperwork & Lowering CostsK12 Education BPM: Reducing Paperwork & Lowering Costs

Turn Business Processes Into Assets

JobRouter workflow automation Solutions: Boosting Profitability 

Simply eliminating inefficiencies in day-to-day activities can make a business more profitable and can improve customer service. 

JobRouter workflow automation Solutions: Lowering Costs

Missed deadlines, lost documents, duplication of efforts, and not enough information can increase the cost of doing business and frustrate employees, suppliers and customers.

JobRouter workflow automation Solutions: Flexibility to Innovate

Workflow automation easily eliminates productivity bottlenecks - but process and workflow automation can also become a foundation for business innovation.

JobRouter- Business Process Management Solutions by Industry

​JobRouter was designed with extensive functionality and flexibility to increase operational efficiency, productivity and business agility. 

JobRouter-Workflow Automation Solutions by Business Function

​​Automating and integrating workflows within and across business functions can dramatically speeds up your business processes and lower​ operating costs.

JobRouter - Digital Process Transformation

Learn how JobRouter  customers have cut operating costs and increased productivity and bottom-line business performance with automated business processes.

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​Why Choose JobRouter ​for Digital Process Automation?

  • A Flexible BPM Platform
    While many organization share common business practices, each can have very different priorities, regulatory requirements, and plans for transforming their operations. JobRouter was designed to easily adapt to the unique needs of each organization.
  • Easy Process Customization
    Automated processes are easily designed, built, and modified. JobRouter ​provides extensive functionality and flexibility to allow each organization, department, or division to tailor processes to meet their unique needs. There is no template lock-in or need to purchase single-purpose tools.
  • Integrate Applications and Data ​Integrate workflows with your ERP and business applications and databases for improved productivity and fewer errors.
  • A Cost Effective BPM Model
    In contrast to other products with high licensing and operating costs, JobRouter solutions can be deployed quickly and cost effectively.
  • ​No Per-User Fees​
    Organizations can automate as many processes as they want without worrying about per-user fees. JobRouter licensing includes a 500-user starting base with the ability to upgrade if additional users are required.
  • Faster BPM Implementation
    In contrast to other products with high licensing and operating costs and long development times, JobRouter can be deployed quickly and cost effectively - in weeks or months, not years.
  • ​Compliance
    Automating workflows and business rules will enforce standards and best practices for consistency and compliance. ​​​​Audit trail is built-in.
  • ​Reporting
    Replace time-consuming data mining and spreadsheets by using JobRouter to automate scheduled and ad-hoc reporting such as accrual, declined, and pending invoice reports.