A Quick ROI

Easy on the Budget: JobRouter delivers a quick ROI for any size organization

What makes it easy to invest in JobRouter?

  • First, JobRouter can deliver a quick ROI to any size organization. In contrast to other products with high licensing and operating costs, JobRouter can be implemented quickly, scalably and cost effectively.
  • Second, a predictable per server-based licensing model allows you to 'rightsize' your investment. Pay only for what you use and easily upgrade at any time, adding features, users, modules and capabilities only as your business process automation requirements grow. Easily to scale from a single server all the way up to a multi-server, load-balanced clustered environment
JobRouter Business Process Management - A Quick ROI
Powerful and Flexible | JobRouter Business Process Transformation Software

Greater Productivity ​and the Flexibility to Adapt

  • JobRouter is a flexible, yet powerful, software platform for automating, controlling, analysis and reporting on mission-critical business processes.
  • Designed to help organization's transform their human workflow processes into dynamic web-based process applications, JobRouter offers extensive functionality and integration capabilities — and puts that power into the hands of process owners.

Business benefits, cost savings and gains in efficiency and productivity:

  • Optimized processes usually deliver a 20-50% productivity increase, but if core business transactions are involved, savings can go up by multiple hundreds of %.
  • Increased collaboration across business and technical teams
    Flexibility and adaptability needed to quickly change processes.
  • Real-time visibility into business process performance
  • Gaining the ability to easily adopt new requirements or new processes
  • Laying the technical foundation for consistent and compliant process execution
  • Continuous measurement and performance optimization
Cost Savings - JobRouter BPM software benefits
JobRouter for Acocunts Payable process automation

Example -- Typical Accounts Payable process automation benefits:

  • A greater than 75 % reduction of the process round-trip on vendor bill processing (from more than 7 days to only 1.7 days on average) allows your organization to take advantage of fast payment cash discounts on almost all vendor bills.
  • Accounts Payable process automation also eliminates paper-based bottlenecks, reduces risk, increases the number of invoices processed each month, and makes month end reporting - simple.