JobRouter & Microsoft Office

JobRouter Business Process Management (BPM) and Microsoft Office Integration

JobRouter automated business processes work with Microsoft Office Applications

JobRouter business process management (BPM) offers various capabilities for Microsoft Office integration with your automated business processes and workflows. Microsoft Office integration can be executed either on the client side or on the server side.

A common integration opens Microsoft Word templates locally on the user client and fills in data collected in the process. For example, while processing a complaint incident the user can generate a written reply simply by clicking a button in the corresponding dialog of JobRouter. By doing this, a Microsoft Word template is opened and process data is filled in (e. g. the number of the incident or the customer address).

In addition to this type of dialog-based integration, there is also a JobRouter module that supports automatic filling of documents on the server side. Predefined Microsoft Word templates are filled in with data of the process instance, analogous to the client-side integration.

Features of JobRouter BPM & Microsoft Office integration:

  • Generation of Microsoft Word documents out of JobRouter dialogs on the client side
  • Automatic generation or modification of Microsoft Word documents on the server side
  • Open Microsoft Word templates locally from within the process workflow.
  • Automatically fill in individual or multiple Microsoft Word Templates with data collected in the process
JobRouter BPM & Microsoft Office integration
JobRouter BPM & Microsoft Office integration