JobRouter 4.3

JobRouter® 4.3

More mobile, more flexible, more convenient!

When it comes to document management, JobRouter 4.3 consistently focuses on more flexibility, mobility and convenience! With our latest release we also present the JobRouter Scan-App, which is available in the Google Play Store as well as in the Apple App Store. With the integrated DocumentHub, any files and documents can be quickly scanned from the road and made available for further processing. Photograph documents directly from your mobile device, upload them to the hub and process them as automatically generated PDF files in the desired process. Travel expense reports are completed quickly and easily, invoice receipts or personal documents are secured in no time.

But our scan app and DocumentHub are much more than just a digital clipboard: Users can log on with any number of JobRouter instances and manage their documents and files digitally - from anywhere, at any time. Of course, this works just as easily from the desktop.

In addition, the JobRouter 4.3 release includes improved functions for users and process designers, a JobData system activity and customizable dashboards and widgets.

With each release, the JobRouter digitization platform links processes, data and documents even more intensively in the direction of the Digital Office.

See for yourself - we hope you enjoy it.

Scanning documents with JobRouter Scan App
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JobRouter DocumentHub

DocumentHub - intelligent and mobile file storage in JobRouter

Many JobRouter processes use documents that are attached to the process by the involved users in the course of the process. These could be locally available files or they can be documents that have not been digitized yet.

With DocumentHub, JobRouter 4.3 now offers an integrated collection point for all types of documents. These can either be copied directly to the DocumentHub from a PC or they can be captured on the move.

The DocumentHub is available to every user and represents a personal list of documents to which only that user has access. This can be accessed at any time via a new icon located in the JobRouter® desktop version to the right of the user menu.

Here the files can be viewed, opened in the viewer and deleted. Additionally, there is the option of adding a comment for each file.

JobRouter DocumentHub Overview

The DocumentHub can also be accessed directly in the upload dialog for attachment fields in processes as well as in the storage and index dialogs of JobArchive. Documents can be easily dragged and dropped by the user from the hub or moved to the archive. Newly received files are automatically displayed and signaled to the user.

Mobile document capture with JobRouter Scan App

In many cases it is more convenient for users to capture documents digitally. The new JobRouter Scan App, available for iOS and Android, gives users mobile access to their DocumentHub.

With the app you can either scan documents directly, take photos or upload documents from the local gallery to the DocumentHub and immediately use them in your processes or archives. Captured documents and images can still be post-processed, processed, and commented on in the app. All scanned documents are automatically converted to PDF format.

The JobRouter Scan App is easily registered via a QR code on your JobRouter dashboard or by entering a user name and password for the selected JobRouter instance. Any number of JobRouter instances are supported. You can use the same app for our customer and partner portal as well as for your local installation. The data of the individual organizations always remain separate from each other.

JobRouter Scan App Functions:

  • Scan Documents
  • Capture Images
  • Upload pictures from the gallery
  • Post-processing of captured images
  • Automatic conversion to PDF format
  • Immediate deployments in the process
  • Possibility to use with any number of instances

Application Scenarios for  DocumentHub and Scan App

Record travel expenses

Capture invoices

Capture receipts for your travel expenses on the go with the JobRouter Scan App and then access them when creating your statement.

Digitize invoices instantly at work, without having to rely on a scanning workstation or multi-function device.

JobRouter DocumentHub

Availability & Licensing

The DocumentHub is integrated in all JobRouter editions and is therefore available to all users. It can be switched on and off for individual groups via the user profiles. The JobRouter Scan App can also be connected to all editions.

Until June 30, 2019, the scan functionality will be available for an indefinite number of scans. After that it is limited to 100 documents per month and can be activated as an additional module for an unlimited amount of data.

The JobRouter Scan-App is now available in the

App Store - Job Router Scan App
Google Play Store - JobRouter Scan App

Please note that you need at least JobRouter version 4.3 to use the app. The JobRouter instance must be accessible from the smartphone. If necessary, contact your administrator or JobRouter sales partner.

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