JobRouter in Action

Three ways to see JobRouter BPM tools in Action

JobRouter is an all-in-one Business Process Management (BPM) platform that provide you with all the BPM tools you need to create advanced and unlimited automated business processes and workflows - without programming. Low-code, highly-flexible and easy-to-use, JobRouter offers three ways to take a closer look.

JobRouter Live Demo - Explore BPM tools

JobRouter Live Demo

We invite you to join us for a live, personalized demonstration to see how JobRouter can help your organization turn business processes into assets. Explore all the BPM tools that can make your process automation and digital transformation projects easy to implement.

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JobRouter Test Drive

Want to see how JobRouter solves your business process transformation needs? JobRouter Test Drive can demonstrate workflow integration with your existing systems and the functionality of your project road map - and create a business case or cost justification.

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JobRouter Case Studies

Leading companies trust ​JobRouter ​as ​the all-in-one ​low-code software platform to power digital business process automation, ​document management and data management.

  • IT Loves JobRouter

    JobRouter is a low code easy-to-use BPM platform that is also easy to manage. No specialized IT staff is needed. Other than the fact that every IT system of this kind requires a daily data backup and security updates, there is very little for your IT team to do.  

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Midwest School District with over 4,000 students streamlines their student registration and annual updates with JobRouter. Parents are happy and so are the students. Now field trips can start sooner! READ MORE