Key Features

The JobRouter ​All-in-One Software Platform 
Key Features & Functions: Powerful, Flexible and Easy

Customization — JobRouter BPM workflow software combines extensive functionality with flexibility so each organization can tailor processes to meet their unique needs.

Scalability — Automate one process or a hundred and easily build-on, modify and connect workflows with JobRouter BPM workflow software.

End-to-End Solution — Complete flexibility means there is no template lock-in and no need to purchase single purpose tools.

Please note that some of the features listed may require specific JobRouter add-on modules.

JobRouter BPM workflow software Features

JobRouter BPM workflow software Functions

Graphical process design

Easy-to-use browser-based graphical process design.

Individual user forms

Individual user forms may be created by using the built-in JobRouter Designer.

Line item data tables

User forms may contain tables for line item data used for example for line items of an invoice. Add-on module JobTable required.


Any file type may be attached to process instances

Dynamic process routing

Sequential, parallel or ad-hoc routing based on business rules.

Simulation and testing

JobRouter Designer provides a complete simulation and testing environment.


Handover data and start new process incidents from 3rd party applications;

Access of process instances from 3rd party applications;

Automatic process step completion and business rule processing. Add-on JobRobot module required.


Complete printout of business process documentation, including electronic forms and business rule configurations by built-in documentation function.

Email integration

Users may receive email notifications whenever a new task has been assigned to them.


Any number of escalation actions may be executed when a specified date or time has been reached. Add-on JobTimer module required.

Process overview and process incident tracking

Process owners may track the instances of all processes they are in charge of.


Users may defined substitutes for the roles they are member or for their username. Add-on JobSub module required.

User management

Integrated user and roles management;
Synchronization with Microsoft Active Directory or LDAP;
User profiles for access control;
Extended fields for additional user information.

Single sign-on

Single sign-on supported based on Windows authentication.

Configurable styles

Different style sheets already included, may be easily adaptable to customer's preference.

Supported languages

JobRouter® workflows can be mapped in 18 languages. These include: English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Spanish, Chinese, Slovak, Finnish, Hungarian, Czech, Japanese, Danish, Turkish, Slavic, Arabic and Russian.

Multi-language support for applications

JobRouter Enterprise Version supports multiple languages on user forms

Data export

File-based export of data is supported as XML, CSV, TXT, PDF.

Supported database systems

Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, and Oracle. User data may be accessed via ODBC additionally.

Document Management
Add-on JobArchive module required.

Automatic start of new process instances;
Display of documents within processes;
Display of result lists and documents;
Re-Index of documents in archives;
Automatic archiving of JobRouter attachments;
Automatic archiving of JobRouter instance reports as PDF documents.