Why JobRouter

​Digital Process ​Automation has never been easier.

JobRouter is the industry leading ​all-in-one software platform for process automation, document management and data management. JobRouter combines low-code ease-of-use with advanced capabilities to automate key processes, lower costs, boost productivity, standardize data, improve reporting and simplify compliance.

  • Use​rs Love JobRouter

    Using JobRouter is easy.
    ​No time consuming training is necessary. After only a few minutes your users will become familiar with the web-based user interface and can work on tasks assigned to them.
  • IT Loves JobRouter

    JobRouter is easy to manage.
     No specialized IT staff is needed. Other than the fact that every IT system of this kind requires a daily data backup and security updates, there is very little for your IT team to do.
  • CFOs Love JobRouter

    JobRouter is easy on the budget.
     JobRouter can deliver a quick ROI. In contrast to other products with high licensing and operating costs, JobRouter ​can be implemented quickly, cost effectively, and scalably.
  • Analysts Love JobRouter

    Composing workflow applications is easy and low-code.
    JobRouter workflow software includes a visual designer and forms builder that allows you to easily map your processes, create sophisticated forms and add business rules graphically - without the need for programming.
  • Auditors Love JobRouter

    JobRouter makes governance and compliance efforts easier.
    Built-in audit trails, data validation, business rules, and granular security support your compliance efforts - making it easier to achieve and demonstrate compliance performance.
  • Managers Love JobRouter

    JobRouter gives control and visibility.
    Managers can monitor the performance of their business processes and staff - and there are numerous ways to analyze the process data to uncover and implement process improvements.