Easy BPM Application Deployment

JobRouter BPM - Easy Process Deployment

Deploying your automated processes as a web application has never been easier.

JobRouter business process management Software (BPMS) supports a joined development/test and production environment to provide a secure and comfortable path from the design and test system into the production system. Once activated on the production system, the business process is available by web browser. No client software is necessary. Users simply login to use the new business process workflow. Process design and process administration are also web browser based. JobRouter makes deployment easy

Moving From Test to Production with Full Version Control

Business Process Management (BPM) change management made easy.  JobRouter's optional JobSync module allows you to synchronize processes, instances, and other system data between a test system and a production environment. New and existing processes can be developed, modified, and tested in the test system without affecting the production system. After successful testing, you can easily transfer a process to the production system. Process models are stored with full version control and secure role-based access to process models.

Process elements that can be synced include:

  • Processes
  • Instances
  • Users and User Profiles
  • JobFunctions and User-JobFunction assignments
  • Escalation Calendar
  • Import tasks
  • JobStart tasks (Process Starts Tasks)
  • ​​​​Reports
  • Styles and Settings
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