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JobRouter workflow solutions can empower your people to start solving problems today.

K12 Education BPM: Reducing Paperwork & Lowering CostsK12 Education BPM: Reducing Paperwork & Lowering Costs

Turn Business Processes Into Assets

JobRouter workflow solutions | Accounts Payable process automation

Automate exceptions handling and speed invoice processing.

Give finance the power to quickly and easily create automated procurement, accounts payable and accounts receivable workflows — that boost the bottom line.

JobRouter workflow solutions - HR business process automation

Help employees be more productive, successful, compliant, and content.

Process and workflow automation lowers operational costs, makes information more transparent and accessible, and helps employees be productive and innovative.

JobRouter workflow solutions | contract management workflow

Simplify contract authoring, approvals, analysis and compliance.

Meet business goals, protect revenue and manage contract volumes and complexity by making contract management processes - streamlined, responsive and efficient.

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JobRouter workflow solutions | e-SOP workflow automation

Automate workflows to create, review, approve, release, distribute and archive documents.

Organizations are keeping their Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) accurate and up-to-date with automated workflows for authoring, standardization, and distribution.

JobRouter workflow solutions | legal services workflow automation

Control costs, improve productivity and responsiveness - and accelerate growth.

Law firms and legal departments are using business process automation to convert manual tasks and record-keeping into streamlined processes that create a competitive advantage.

JobRouter workflow solutions | enterprise business process management for the enterprise

Eliminate information silos and fill process gaps for end-to-end efficiency.

Transform labor-intensive and error-prone human workflow processes into dynamic, powerful web-based process applications - without programming.

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Why Choose JobRouter for workflow solutions and digital process transformation?

  • A Flexible BPM Platform 
    While many organization share common business practices, each can have very different priorities, regulatory requirements, and plans for transforming their operations. JobRouter was designed to easily adapt to the unique needs of each organization.
  • Easy Workflow Customization
    Automated processes are easily designed, built, and modified. JobRouter ​provides extensive functionality and flexibility to allow each organization, department, or division to tailor processes to meet their unique needs. There is no template lock-in or need to purchase single-purpose tools.
  • Integrate Applications and Data ​Integrate workflows with your ERP and business applications and databases for improved productivity and fewer errors.
  • A Cost Effective BPM Model
    In contrast to other products with high licensing and operating costs, JobRouter solutions can be deployed quickly and cost effectively.
  • ​No Per-User Fees​
    Organizations can automate as many processes as they want without worrying about per-user fees. JobRouter licensing includes a 500-user starting base with the ability to upgrade if additional users are required.
  • Faster BPM Implementation 
    In contrast to other products with high licensing and operating costs and long development times, JobRouter can be deployed quickly and cost effectively - in weeks or months, not years.
  • Built-In Compliance Support
    Automating workflows and business rules will enforce standards and best practices for consistency and compliance. ​​​​Audit trail is built-in.
  • Real-Time Reporting
    Replace time-consuming data mining and spreadsheets by using JobRouter to automate scheduled and ad-hoc reporting such as accrual, declined, and pending invoice reports.