Workflow Triggers

JobRouter Workflow Automation Event Triggers

Workflow triggers are actions that start processes. Every new instance of a business process is initiated by either an internal or external event which can be automated or initiated by a user. 

Workflow Triggers Start Processes

JobRouter Workflow Triggers Explained - Workflow event triggers

Typical JobRouter workflow triggers include:

  • ​A user fills out an electronic form and submits it
  • ​A paper document is received and converted into an electronic document through a scanning process
  • ​A Fax is received
  • ​An Email is received
  • ​A file is created in the file system, e.g. an office document file or a binary file
  • ​A scheduled date/time is reached
  • ​A 3rd party software application triggers a new JobRouter process instance by transferring data
  • ​A JobRouter process triggers a sub-process Element
  • ​A defined status in an external software application is reached