About JobRouter

​JobRouter ​Business Process Transformation Platform

JobRouter is a full-featured, easy-to-use and extremely powerful Digital Process Automation software platform. It has full document management and date management capabilities combined with intelligent electronic forms and advanced workflows and integrations.

It is designed to help any size organization transform their manual and paper-based business processes into streamlined web-based process applications. 

Rich functionality and integration capabilities provide end-to-end delivery of process management solutions.

About JobRouter - Business Process Management Software
  • Flexible

    ​Extensive ​functionality ​combine​d with flexibility so each organization can tailor processes to meet their unique needs.
  • Powerful

    JobRouter makes integration into all types of existing IT systems simple. Learn more about​ third-party integrations.
  • Scalable

    In contrast to other products with high licensing and operating costs, JobRouter can be implemented quickly, cost effectively and scalably.
  • Easy

    Digital process automation and management has never been easier. Easy to create, implement and improve processes. Easy for users, managers and IT.

​​Met all of our expectations​!

"JobRouter is the ideal solution. It offers all components we expected: Web-based filing management, activity management for structured processing, postpone and reminder features, components for handling business correspondence, escalation management and much more.  JobRouter met all our expectations."

- Director and Board Member, Residential Development & Construction Company