Add-On Modules

The following is a list of all available JobRouter Add-On Modules:

JobArchive - NEW

JobArchive is a complete, integrated electronic document archive module. Store documents short or long-term. Easily integrate archiving functions into processes. Define any number of document archives with any number of index fields. Secure sensitive documents with role based access and modification permissions. Features include central storage, fast search and retrieval, automatic deduplication, multiple downloads as zip files, versioning, integration of result lists into forms and support for different data adapters. JobRouter can also display over 300 different document file types with the JobViewer module.


The new SAP interface JobSAP BAPI offers the ability to directly use JobRouter to communicate with SAP Webservices and call BAPI's. No interface software is necessary. Modify existing scenarios or creating separate scenarios. This allows you to rapidly implement individual interfaces and SAP calls, even if the required scenario does not exist yet. The interface can be integrated as a system step in any place within a process. Additionally, a form element to directly execute SAP functions in a form is available. This variant gives direct feedback to the user about the executed transaction. For example, the user can book an invoice and instantly get a SAP document number.

JobViewer - NEW

The JobViewer Module is a document viewer that enables you to open and view many different kinds of files. With JobView you can display any file in the browser, regardless of the installed display programs on the client. JobViewer supports over 300 different file types. Users can save the window position and size for each screen resolution to customize their workspace and they can have different document display settings on different devices.


The JobDW module is an interface to the DocuWare document management system. JobDW has numerous features resulting from the functional interaction of the two systems. One example is the ability to incorporate the DocuWare FullClient and the DocuWare WebClient into JobRouter so that DocuWare documents and result lists can be referenced directly from a process instance. JobDW also acts as a background service through which DocuWare actions can be performed automatically (such as storing, copying, deleting, or indexing documents).


JobRobot is a server-based module which allows you to complete process steps automatically without user interaction. For example, JobRobot can be used in a process where a user is not available to complete a step. In that situation, JobRobot can be set-up to complete this step and the process can automatically handle this exception based on defined business rules.


The JobShift module allows you to shift completed instances into an archiving database after a specified period of time thus removing them from the production system. Process owners can at any time search for completed and archived instances, reactivate them to the production system, or export them. Using the JobShift module keeps your JobRouter production system light and efficient.


This module enables a JobRouter production environment to be synchronized with a development/test environment. The test environment can either be installed on the same server or on another server. In the test environment you can develop, change and test processes independently from the production system. JobSync synchronizes processes quickly and easily between the test and production environments. Additionally it can transfer individual instances as well as numerous system settings.


With JobStart, JobRouter automatically starts processes by monitoring file system directories and/or email accounts. If a file is created in a network folder, a process will then be started and the file will be attached. (e.g. "Fax receipt"). In addition, email inboxes may be monitored and a predefined process is automatically started upon receipt of a new email, including attachments. Barcode recognition is used for checking incoming multi-page PDF or TIF documents. The barcodes serve as identifiers for splitting the file into separate documents based on barcodes on each of the document's first page.


The JobTable module extends JobRouter forms with Subtables that contain additional line item data. Typical examples for Subtables are line items of invoices or purchase orders. You can use this option to add and fill in as many rows as needed (e.g. line items of an invoice).


JobTimer allows you to automate time-based escalation actions for steps or processes. For example, escalation emails may be sent for a step that becomes overdue, or a step may automatically be assigned to a different JobFunction, based on its due date.


The JobSelect module is a configurable database query module that makes it easy to create all kinds of reports for users. For example, such reports could be used as an invoice ledger or for process analysis.


Users can select a substitute for themselves and they can direct the JobFunctions they are a member of to a substitute. Users are alerted and able to identify instances where they are acting as substitutes because those instances are flagged in their inbox.