Exceptionally Easy and Intuitive

JobRouter Ease of Use:
Empower your people to start solving problems today.

JobRouter is exceptionally easy to use.JobRouter is exceptionally easy-to-use with a very short learning curve and highly-efficient and intuitively functions.

Information is presented in a well-defined, clean way. Process building flows intuitively and naturally with each click using a graphical design approach and a clear task-centered user interface. No specialized IT staff or complex system configuration is necessary.

From simple process improvements to sophisticated workflows, process owners, designers, administrators and users will quickly feel confident in their ability to tame complexity and gain control over processes in their organization.

A fast learning curve — to success.

JobRouter is very intuitive and user-friendly with little or no user training required. That helps to ensure user adoption, allows authorized personnel to easily share work responsibilities, and results in a fast learning curve for new staff. After only a few minutes users will become familiar with JobRouter’s web-based user interface.

  • On login, a user is a member of one or more job functions. The associated access rights allow them to start new business process incidents (cases) or to work on those processes and functions assigned to them based on job function. Every user has just the right functions available to perform his/her tasks most efficiently.
  • Pending tasks displayed in the user's JobRouter inbox and users can also be informed of new tasks by email. The inbox can be filtered and sorted according to a variety of criteria. It is also possible to designate special inboxes that correspond to particular processes (e.g. for the receipt of invoices) within which the process information can be clearly presented (e.g. invoice number, creditor, date).
  • The handling of the individual process steps takes places in electronic forms, which are completely customizable. Here, process information is both displayed and can be edited. External information can be integrated into these forms allowing for external applications to be cued up or entered information to be analyzed.

For every active workflow step the following functions are performed:

JobRouter Step Processes: active workflows functions in business process automation.