JobRouter & SAP

JobRouter Integration with SAP

JobRouter provides a certified interface to communicate with SAP systems with the add-on JobSAP module. With this interface JobRouter processes can access data or execute transactions in SAP. These processes can be modeled independently of SAP, hence no SAP access is required for the involved users.

JobSAP provides various predefined scenarios applicable for communication. For example, a purchase invoice verification workflow could be created with JobRouter that would progress from data input and related approvals to the creation of an invoice record in SAP. In this workflow users can access SAP data as e.g. the creditors or material stock. This access and also the recording of the receipts in SAP are possible either in the context of a predefined SAP user or with an SAP account provided for each JobRouter user.

Features / Highlights:

  • Online validation of input values with the SAP data
  • Online search of SAP values
  • Execution of transactions in SAP (e.g. parking invoices, creating BANF, allocating material)
  • Use of a default user for the SAP access is possible
  • Management of the own account by the users in JobRouter is possible
  • SAP-certified interface
  • Call of the SAP functions via RFC (no additional modules required)
  • The interface easily can be extended by new scenarios

About SAP

SAP AG is a multinational software corporation that makes enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations. Headquartered in Germany, with regional offices around the world, SAP is the leader in the enterprise applications market. The company's best-known software products are its enterprise resource planning application systems (SAP ERP), its enterprise data warehouse product – SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW), SAP BusinessObjects software, and most recently, Sybase mobile products and in-memory computing appliance SAP HANA.