JobRouter & Sage

JobRouter Integration with Sage Business Software

JobRouter integration with Sage ERPSage is a modern ERP solution trusted by more than 6 million small and medium sized businesses worldwide. Sage offers key management solutions for accounting and payroll, enterprise resource planning, and customer relationship management and payments.

Description of the integration:

A Sage and JobRouter interface allows the user to execute an invoice receipt process in JobRouter, and then to post the accounting records to the Financial department. When executing the process, the billing information (vendor, amount, document number, etc.) are captured in JobRouter by the user. For that several selection lists are available that allow, for example, a search on the Sage maintained suppliers.

Additionally, it’s possible to allocate an invoice. In doing so, the invoice can be accounted to different cost centers and cost accounts. Again, this data can be provided in dropdown lists. Following the factual verification and approval of the invoice, the collected data is transferred to SAGE in the form of accounting data sets where they can be accounted.

Features / Highlights:

  • Transfer of accounting data to Sage
  • Reading data from Sage

Integrating JobRouter with ERP systems like Sage allows organizations to make business processes accessible across the organization, integrate information across business functions, and to quickly adapt processes to meet changing business needs.

Please contact us to find out how JobRouter can add a layer of agility and productivity to your business processes.