Process Automation and Compliance

JobRouter: Risk Management, Business Rules and Compliance

JobRouter is easy to operate and maintain. Each organization has to address a unique combination of
compliance requirements including legislative mandates, industry and professional standards, and internal policies. Regulations and standards like FDA, GxP, Sarbanes-Oxley, and HIPAA continue to grow and evolve. When these requirements change, the organization has to respond quickly to remain compliant.

One of the key benefits of automating business rules and business processes with JobRouter is support in meeting compliance requirements by giving organizations the ability to:

  • Automate processes based on business rules that are consistent, explicit, and enforced.
  • Easily manage and document processes and provide proof that rules were followed.
  • Build on a flexible technical platform for business agility and continuous improvement.
  • Easily and quickly create, test and implement new or improved workflows and processes.

Demonstrating Compliance

Compliance mandates continue to evolve and companies must demonstrate that decisions taken, and procedures and processes executed are compliant. Automating business rules and business processes with JobRouter makes it easier to meet that requirement.

JobRouter provides endless opportunities to strengthen internal controls, enforce business rules and report on process instances with:

  • Customized roles- and rules-based privileges.
  • Data encryption and user authentication.
  • Dynamic granular access controls for any type of data or document.
  • One button process documentation.
  • Comprehensive process instance audit trails; every action is automatically dated, user stamped, and logged.

Staying Agile and Compliant

Automating business processes and business rules with JobRouter enables an organization to remain agile by supporting faster and better-informed decisions, shortening the process revision cycle, and promoting consistent and rapid change adoption.