Easy to Operate and Maintain

JobRouter Operation and Maintenance: No specialized IT staff needed.

JobRouter is easy to operate and maintain. JobRouter requires very little operations or maintenance effort. Other than the fact that every IT system of this kind requires a daily data backup and security updates, there is very little to do.

Because of JobRouter’s cooperative concept of differentiation between system administrators and process owners it’s easy to separate roles and allocate the process owners in the organization’s departments. Usually the IT department takes care of the system and the business departments take care of their active processes. No programming, specialized IT staff or complex system configuration is needed.

A quick ROI.

JobRouter can deliver a quick ROI to any size organization. In contrast to other products with high licensing and operating costs, JobRouter can be implemented quickly, scalably and cost effectively on-premise or in a cloud model. Per-server-based licensing allows you to 'rightsize' your investment and only pay for what you use. Easily scale from a single server all the way up to a multi-server, load-balanced clustered environment. JobRouter is web-based so there is no client software and a standard web server/database server infrastructure is all that is required.