No Programming

JobRouter: Create powerful workflow applications — without programming.

JobRouter business process automation ROIJobRouter is exceptionally intuitive to use. From simple process improvements to sophisticated workflows, process owners, designers, administrators and users will quickly feel confident in their ability to tame complexity and gain control over processes.

No programming, specialized IT staff or complex system configuration is needed and even complex process workflows are easy to create and easy to modify.

Visual Workflow Editor

Process building flows intuitively and naturally using a visual design approach and a clear task-centered user interface.

JobRouter Designer allows you to easily layout the map of your business processes graphically by placing symbols that represent process steps and by adding business rules defined by easy to understand conditions and actions.

Functions and users are associated to process steps with a simple point and click and even sophisticated electronic forms are created graphically without the need for programming.

Intuitive User Dashboards

Users are able view all of their open tasks and workflows from an intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard. Managers have visibility into the status business processes and tasks assigned to their team and authorized user can schedule workflows to kick off on a specified date.

User -Friendly

JobRouter is so intuitive an easy-to-use that users become comfortable within minutes and require little or no training to work on the tasks assigned to them. That helps to ensure adoption, allows authorized personnel to easily share work responsibilities, and makes a fast learning curve for new employees or temporary staff.