JobRouter & Microsoft Office

JobRouter Integration with Microsoft Office

JobRouter integration with Microsoft OfficeJobRouter offers various capabilities for integration with the Microsoft Office® applications. Integrations can be executed either on the client side or on the server side.

A common integration opens Microsoft Word templates locally on the user client and fills in data collected in the process. For example, while processing a complaint incident the user can generate a written reply simply by clicking a button in the corresponding dialog of JobRouter. By doing this, a Microsoft Word template is opened and process data is filled in (e. g. the number of the incident or the customer address).

In addition to this type of dialog-based integration, there is also a JobRouter module that supports automatic filling of documents on the server side. Predefined Microsoft Word templates are filled in with data of the process instance, analogous to the client-side integration.


  • Generation of Microsoft Word documents out of JobRouter dialogs on the client side
  • Automatic generation or modification of Microsoft Word documents on the server side