JobRouter & LDMS

JobRouter Integration with LMDS Document Management System

JobRouter integration with LDMSLarge Documents Management System (LDMS) is a high-performance solution for archiving and bulk processing large numbers of electronic documents of any type (documents, AFP lists, multimedia, etc.). Central management of all documents in one archive helps to lower infrastructure costs and increases the efficiency of business processes. LDMS provides intelligent management, fast availability and secure storage of all documents. Based on an open architecture and modular structure, LMDS solutions can be easily customized and flexibly configured to meet any enterprise requirement. LMDS is also certified for SAP NetWeaver integration.

Description of the Integration:

JobRouter offers various possibilities to integrate LDMS archives. JobRouter processes can be started by saving new documents. In such a process – e.g. the approval of invoices – the document can be displayed with a button click from the archive on any workstation. For this the user does not need an LDMS client but just access to JobRouter via an internet browser.

It is also possible to attach documents in a JobRouter workflow process and to archive them subsequently in LDMS. Thus attachments of an invoice can be archived via JobRouter in LDMS during the invoice verification.

Features / Highlights:

  • Display of documents in LDMS
  • Saving of documents in LDMS
  • Exporting of documents from LDMS