K-12 School District Chooses JobRouter for Parent Portal

Case Study: K-12 School District creates parent portal to speed Annual Student Registrations and Approvals process.

The Challenge

K-12 School web forms for student registration and parental approvals automated workflow processA K-12 School District wanted to replace a labor-intensive paper-based process for their annual student registration and parental approvals update.

The existing paper-based process was taking 4 staff members more than 3 months to complete each year and involved manually re-keying data from paper forms - with the added risk of introducing errors.

The process was so lengthy that teachers were often unable to schedule fields trips until well into the semester because parental permission were not fully up-to-date.

The Solution

After investigating options, the School District chose the JobRouter BPM Suite to create an online Student Registration and Annual Consent web portal.

Parents now log into the web portal and update information for each of their children who are registered in the district. The secure portal interfaces with the student information system (SIS). Only information relevant to their own children is visible to parents who update the records or enter new information such as emergency contacts, health information, and permissions.

K12 School Workflow Automation Case StudyChanges are highlighted in yellow for quick identification by school staff. The highlighting lets staff and teachers know immediately what has changed. Teachers can also log on to view relevant student information without having to ask office staff for help. Intelligent routing and granular access controls means that staff, teachers, and the office of the school nurse only have access to the information that they are authorized to see and which is relevant. That helps to keep confidential information secure, and puts the most important information at the fingertips of the those who need it.

The new process is now completed online by parents in just a few weeks in the late summer and at the beginning of the school year and updated through the course of the year by parents as needed. School staff time is now directed to more strategic activities - and teachers can schedule fields trips sooner!