System Interfaces

JobRouter System Integration: Connect automated business processes with your business applications for end-to-end business process efficiency.

Connecting Systems and Exchanging Data

JobRouter interfacesJobRouter makes integration into all types of existing IT systems simple. Process data may be exchanged easily with external or internal systems and automated workflows can connect with accounting, ERP, and other in-house systems for greater efficiency, accuracy and visibility. Even integration with the DocuWare document management system is already built in as a standard, making it easy to control all kinds of document flow through your organization. In addition JobRouter’s API allows project-specific integration by building individual interface modules.

Integrating JobRouter business process workflows and electronic forms with IT systems, business applications, and infrastructure.

Bridging the Gaps to Create Enterprise-wide Efficiency

Organizations that have already automated some processes can use JobRouter to close gaps to create seamless, end-to-end processes. Secure and automatic two-way data exchange reduces duplicate data entry and imposes conformity for process quality, compliance and business standards.

Stand-alone or in Tight Connection with IT Infrastructure and 3rd Party Products

JobRouter has a fundamentally different approach compared to workflow components which are built in at the application level of business applications such as Document Management or ERP systems. JobRouter forms a platform-independent workflow level and offers numerous options to tightly integrate into other systems on the application, system, or infrastructure levels.

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