Job Router & InfoStore DMS iSeries

JobRouter Integration with InfoStore DMS iSeries

JobRouter integration with InfoStoreInfoStore DMS iSeries is a software system for electronic archiving, filing and management of documents on the IBM iSeries server. A product of the Solaris Company, the software contains a powerful retrieval management feature to access different document types directly on the IBM iSeries or on the local computer using versioning mechanisms. Access to documents is handled by InfoStore's own access right settings or via data security policies present on IBM iSeries.

Description of the Integration:

The interface between JobRouter and InfoStore allows documents archived in InfoStore to be opened in JobRouter as well as the uploading, archiving and indexing of those documents. Additional documents like workflow protocols, way bills or delivery notes can be attached to invoices already present in the archive. This can be done automatically by server-side routines or manually via JobRouter dialogues. Feedback about success or errors follows immediately and can be used to inform the user or to control the workflow. Additionally, archived documents can be downloaded from IBM iSeries and be saved locally or on the server to provide easy and fast access.


  • Archiving and attaching of documents
  • Archiving and attaching of JobRouter PDF protocols
  • Indexing documents
  • Exporting documents