Process Monitoring and Improvement

JobRouter and Process Improvement: Business process owners gain transparency into process performance.

JobRouter tools for business process monitoring and improvementTop-performing companies make it a priority to continuously assess current processes to identify and prioritize opportunities for process improvement. Process improvement can involve making changes to business rules, business data, system interfaces, or modifying the flow of the business process. A process improvement cycle can include activities that range from process analysis, process modeling, process validation, and process implementation to process monitoring. The goal is to enhance the productivity and experience of the end users of the business process.

Process Monitoring, Auditing and Transparency

  • JobRouter stores all process incident data in an SQL database and there are numerous ways to easily analyze the process data to uncover process improvement opportunities.
  • Whenever the question of who has done what and why arises, JobRouter is able to answer with complete audit trails. Every action is dated, user-stamped, logged and archived.
  • Process improvements are easy to implement and to verify by using JobRouter’s simulation mode. For easy maintenance, built-in process versioning gives you control over the different development stages for every process.

Separation of Duties and Granular Access Rights

  • JobRouter instances and steps are monitored and directed by process owners. Individual users can be given various rights allowing them to manage processes and to take certain actions, including assignment, rollback of steps, and export of instances. Once named as a process owner for a process, the user gains access to the administration functions, accessible via the JobRouter navigation menu.
  • The optional JobSelect module allows you to examine, filter, and summarize any process data. Views allow you to make available to authorized users additional data in the form of a convenient list that can be used to work on a step. You may extract this data from the JobRouter database as well as in relation with external data sources.

Deploying New and Improved Processes

JobRouter gives process owners the ability to continually deploy new and improved versions of business processes by providing:

  • Visibility into the performance of existing processes
  • Tools to analyze the outcome of proposed modifications to processes
  • An all-in-one platform for remodeling, validating and implementing new process versions