BPM Opportunities in Healthcare

JobRouter Process Automation Solutions for Healthcare:
Quality of Care. Cost Controls. Supplier and Provider Management.

Healthcare providers are challenged with delivering clinical excellence while at the same time bringing down costs, protecting revenue, and managing a host of service providers and suppliers.
When budgets and staffing are tight, process automation is one avenue to greater efficiency, reduced operating expense and improved productivity.

The JobRouter BPM Suite is a powerful platform for embedding best practices, streamlined complex workflows, and automating financial, clinical, administrative, and operational processes.

Sample Use Cases: Healthcare Process and Workflow Automation

Clinical and Patient Records:
  • Aggregate data and track trends.
  • Automate insurance updating.
  • Compile and print reports.
  • Integration with hospital records.
  • Physician access to patient data.
  • Pre-registered account creation.
  • Pre-registering lab specimens.
  • Reporting and record-keeping.
  • Synchronize patient management.

Business, Finance, and Materials:
  • Dynamic discounting.
  • Integrated shipping and receiving.
  • Inventory and cost control.
  • Invoice exception handling.
  • Payment tracking.
  • Procure-to-pay processes.
  • Purchasing and accounts payable.
  • RFP’s and proposals.
  • Supplier transaction Reconciliation.

Why chose JobRouter for Healthcare BPM?
A flexible platform. Strong Controls. Easy to use.

  • Easy customization. Workflow processes can be easily designed, built, and modified - without programming. There is no template lock-in or need to purchase single-purpose tools. Automated processes can be tailored to each hospital’s unique needs.
  • Eliminate Bottlenecks Create end-to-end efficiency and free staff time by converting routine task into paperless, hands-free and error-free processes.
  • Automate 1 process or a 100. Optimize a single process and build from there, or automate many processes across the hospital simultaneously. Easily add capabilities and upgrade as your BPM requirements grow.
  • Integrate applications and data. Integrate workflows and data with internal and external applications that staff use every day. Leverage the value of your existing applications.
  • Easy to Use. JobRouter is very intuitive and user-friendly, requires little or no user training, ensuring user adoption, and enforcing standards and best practices for consistency and compliance.
  • Strong controls. With role- and rules-based privileges and dynamic and granular access controls, hospitals are able protect information in processes by defining levels of access for document or data.
  • A cost-effective model. In contrast to other products with high licensing and operating costs, JobRouter can be deployed quickly and cost effectively on-premise or in a cloud model. Pay only for what you use.