Finance and Insurance BPM

JobRouter Solutions for Financial Services and Insurance:
Process improvement drives new levels of performance.

Banks, financial services firms, and insurance companies all face a strict regulatory environment - and clients, partners, and shareholders who require accurate, responsive, and reliable service and information. Successful organizations are using business process automation and improvement initiatives to streamline business processes, provide strong controls and well-documented compliance proofs - and to improve business results.

The JobRouter BPM Suite is a powerful and scalable all-in-one platform for automating and optimizing key business processes. Below are just a handful of the many opportunities for process improvement through workflow automation for finance and insurance organizations.

Finance & Banking Process Automation Use Cases

  • Account openings and cancellations.
  • Back office servicing and administration processes.
  • Card Processing.
  • Credit Risk Management.
  • Loans and Financing processing.
  • Tracking and analysis of customer service inquires.
  • Trade Finance automation and management.

Insurance Industry Business Process Automation Use Cases

  • Onboarding new producers.
  • Improving and personalizing customer service.
  • Policy issuance automation.
  • Accounts Payable automation.
  • Underwriting process and administration.
  • Claims processing automation.
  • Enforcing standards and ensuring compliance.

Why chose JobRouter for Finance and Insurance BPM?
Empower your people to start solving problems today.

  • No programming. Intuitive and user-friendly, JobRouter requires little or no training and employs a visual process designer and business rules engine. You can create processes without programming and no specialized IT staff is required.
  • Automate 1 process or 100. Optimize a single process and build from there, or automate many processes across the organization simultaneously. Start with the JobRouter edition that fits your immediate needs and easily upgrade capabilities as your BPM requirements grow.
  • Integrate applications and data. Integrate workflows and data with internal and external business applications to bridge gaps and leverage the value of existing systems.
  • Strong Controls. Role- and rules-based privileges and granular access controls for each type of document or data protects information in automated processes. Additionally, every action is automatically dated, user stamped, and logged for comprehensive audit trails.
  • A cost-effective model. In contrast to other products with high licensing and operating costs, JobRouter deployes quickly and cost effectively on-premise or in a cloud model. Pay only for what you use.
  • Cut Costs and Minimize Errors. Streamline processes to remove manual tasks, eliminate reentry errors and redundancies, and lower the cost of customer services.