JobRouter & DocuWare

JobRouter Integration with Docuware

A world leader in Document Management, DocuWare® software provides integrated document management and electronic archiving of any type of document for secure, authorized access worldwide.

JobRouter's native integration with DocuWare enhances automation by directly connecting powerful JobRouter workflow capabilities with documents in DocuWare file cabinets.

JobRouter has numerous interfaces to the DocuWare document management system. These interfaces are available on the server-side as well as on the client-side. The JobDW Service acts as a background service through which DocuWare actions can be performed automatically, such as storing, copying, deleting, or indexing documents. On the client side, JobRouter is able to incorporate the DocuWare FullClient and the DocuWare WebClient into JobRouter so that DocuWare documents and result lists can seamlessly be integrated into JobRouter's electronic forms. All JobRouter interfaces use the certified DocuWare-provided APIs.

The integration is configured through user interfaces in JobRouter in which data, such as DocuWare file cabinets or index fields are available. The designer of a workflow application can quickly and easily configure these interfaces.

JobRouter form with embedded Docuware WebClient

Features / Highlights:

  • DocuWare Certified Product
  • Archiving and attaching of documents in DocuWare
  • Archiving and attaching of PDF protocols in DocuWare
  • Changing index data in DocuWare
  • Copy and move documents
  • Deleting Documents
  • Export Documents
  • Display of documents and result lists in DocuWare client
  • Display of documents and result lists in DocuWare Internet Server
  • Display of documents and result lists in DocuWare WebClient