Document Management

JobRouter and Document Management: Instant access to all relevant documents from within your automated business process workflows.

JobRouter business process workflow simulation and testingEasily control the flow of documents in JobRouter business processes. When accessing documents from a workflow application, users benefit from JobRouter’s integrated rights management for accessing and displaying all case-related documents. This means anyone working on a workflow instance with a number of associated documents can access and display these documents with the simple push of a button.

The optional JobArchive module adds a complete, integrated electronic document archive that enables instant access to documents with central storage, fast search and retrieval and access controls.

  • Any number, size or type of document
  • Any number of document archives
  • Authorized users view, download, and print
  • Integrate archiving with processes
  • Access controls for document security
  • Fast ROI with low entry cost and a large initial number of users (500) who can take advantage of savings