Contract Management Workflows

JobRouter for Contract Life-cycle Management
Automate Contract Approvals and Business Rule Enforcement

Contract management usually involves many different people in contract review, approval and negotiation. Business process owners too often rely on inefficient email and phone communication to collaborate on approvals and edits, and get status updates. Successful businesses are addressing increased contract volumes and complexity by automating their Contract Management process to increase responsiveness, meet business goals and protect revenue.

Automate your Contract Life-cycle Management workflows with JobRouter for simplified contract creation, approvals, execution, analysis and compliance.

JobRouter: Contract Process Automation Use Cases

  • Contract authoring and creation.
  • Collaboration and negotiations.
  • Contract review and approvals.
  • Automate pre-award and post-award workflows.
  • Administer all contracts.
  • New contract requests.
  • Contract performance reporting.
  • Collaboration/ exceptions handling.
  • Define service level agreements.
  • Define customer obligations.
  • and more...

JobRouter: Contract Automation Benefits & Features

  • User-friendly workflows and
    visual design engine.
  • Clause level approvals.
  • Parallel and sequential routing.
  • Define and enforce complex business rules.
  • Define decision points.
  • Custom notifications and escalations.
  • Add collaboration and standardize processes.
  • Central document/ data repository.

Why chose JobRouter for Contract Management process automation?
Improve Contract Responsiveness, Efficiency and Oversight.

  • Eliminate Bottlenecks Converting routine task into paperless, hands-free and error-free processes. Automate collaboration, review and approval workflows.
  • Easy customization. Process workflows are easily designed, built, and modified - without programming.
  • Easy to Use. JobRouter is very intuitive and user-friendly and requires little or no user training, ensures user adoption.
  • Strong controls. Role- and rules-based privileges and granular access controls protect information in processes.
  • Compliance Automated workflows and enforces standards and best practices for consistency and compliance.
  • A cost-effective model. In contrast to other products with high licensing and operating costs, JobRouter can be deployed quickly and cost effectively on-premise or in a cloud model. Pay only for what you use.
  • Automate 1 process or a 100. Optimize a single process and build from there, or automate many processes across the hospital simultaneously. Add capabilities and upgrade as requirements grow.