JobRouter & Insider Technologies

JobRouter Integration with Insider Technologies Software

JobRouter integration with Inside Technologies SoftwareInsiders Technologies' software product smartFIX provides automated recognition of scanned or electronic documents for in-box and billing solutions. The program classifies the documents, extracts the relevant data with different methods and performs a comparison with existing data. The collected information and the document is then passed to connected systems.

Description of the integration:

The smartFix interface with JobRouter allows a user to start a JobRouter workflow for each document edited in smartFIX. All extracted data is transferred over to JobRouter. This can be head and position data. For example, invoice position data read from the document and can be transferred directly to JobRouter subtables. Now there could an invoice receipt process started in JobRouter. The invoice document can be transferred as an attachment to the JobRouter workflow where it can also be transferred to a given archive with existing JobRouter methods.

Features / Highlights:

  • Start a workflow in JobRouter for each document edited in smartFIX
  • Transfer the head and position data to the workflow
  • Transfer of the document workflow