JobRouter and AnyDoc

JobRouter Integration with OCR for AnyDoc Software

JobRouter integration with OCR for AnyDocAnyDoc Software is a market leader in automated document, data capture and classification solutions. The flagship product OCR for AnyDoc® is a comprehensive software solution for automating the capture and processing of data from business documents. The software eliminates the costs and inaccuracy of manual data entry. The AnyDoc®EXCHANGEit™ product easily converts extracted data into a multitude of file formats (EDI, XML, ASCII, etc.).

Description of the Integration:

OCR for AnyDoc® provides documents / images and the corresponding extracted data as text or XML-format for subsequent processing. The AnyDoc product uses the JobImport functionality of JobRouter to provide the data and documents for use in a JobRouter workflow and to initialize the respective processing.

Features / Highlights:

  • Use of automatically recorded data for the preceding acquisition in the workflow
  • Seamless committal of the relevant data to the workflow
  • Precise distribution of documents and data after the automated data recording

Integrating JobRouter workflow automation and electronic forms with Document Management Systems adds a powerful layer of flexibility, agility and efficiency to your business processes.

Please contact us to find out JobRouter can help integrate information across business functions and improve process quality, consistency, and compliance.