New! JobRouter Add-On Module JobArchive
All-in-One Business Process Managment and Integrated Document Archiving!

JobArchive – An integral part of the JobRouter system

Now JobRouter combines Workflow Automation and Electronic Document Management in one system. Especially when accessing documents from a workflow application, JobRouter workflow users benefit from JobRouter’s integrated rights management for accessing and displaying all case-related documents. This means anyone working on a workflow instance having a number of associated archived documents can access and display these documents with a simple click of a button.

Even in cases where JobRouter steps have been sent to substitutes or have been assigned to different users, those substitutes and users have the appropriate rights to access these case-related documents. It becomes completely unnecessary to establish separate rights management for those documents in a DMS system, sparing you the need to separately maintain these rights.

Electronic form elements allow you to display documents in JobRouter’s built-in document viewer, and JobRouter System Activities allow you to easily integrate any number of document archives into JobRouter business processes.

JobArchive System Activity

The JobArchive System Activity allows you to easily control all document archiving functions from your business process perspective. The System Activity can be setup in a process through a wizard-like configuration. It offers the following functions:

  • Archiving documents
  • Creating and Archiving PDF protocols
  • Modifying index data (re-indexing)
  • Deleting documents
  • Reading index data of archived documents
  • Integrated Document Viewer

JobViewer is the integrated document viewer. It allows you to view up to 300 different data types inside the browser. See the JobViewer module description for more detail. The JobViewer form integration allows you to display documents as part of your electronic form.

Document Archives

JobArchive allows you to setup any number of document archives. Each archive can manage a different number of index fields. These can be text fields, numbers, decimal numbers or date values.


In JobArchive you can activate the "deduplication" option, which automatically detects any existing copies of the same file and then stores only one physical copy in the file system. This reduces disk space used and makes management of document duplicates unnecessary while all meta-data is still maintained. This also works over multiple archives. A typical example would be archiving documents that have been sent as email attachments to several recipients in the company. In situations of identical attachments, only one copy would be stored for the company.

Document Versioning

Documents that are stored in JobArchive can be versioned, meaning multiple versions of a document can be separately archived. Also, automatic version control can be activated. This feature generates a new version when changes are made to the document.

Multi-lingual Archives (JobRouter Enterprise)

For each archive, its name as well as the index field names can be provided in multiple user languages. These translations are used for displaying items such as result lists, and they allow JobRouter users to display archives in their preferred language.
This functionality is only available with the JobRouter Enterprise Edition.

Revision-safe Document Filing

When documents are filed as revision-safe, each archive can be setup so that document deletion is disabled. In this case and depending on the configuration, new revisions of a document can be created and stored, but once they are filed, they can no longer be changed or deleted.

Support of Multiple Storage Adapters

Every archive can be configured where the documents are physically stored. The following storage adapters are currently available:

File system (JobArchive default)

The storage adapter guarantees that the documents in the file system are stored within an automatically generated directory structure
This structure allows for up to one trillion documents to be stored per archive.


For a complete revision-safe long-term document archival, FAST LTA's SilentCubes can be used for storing JobArchive documents. The certified Silent Cube Technology guarantees that once a document is stored, it cannot be changed again. During the archiving process, JobArchive automatically checks whether a document was archived on the Cube. This allows for the complete process in JobRouter to be revision-safe.

JobArchive Features

  • Seamless part of JobRouter
  • Easy administration of archives
  • Archiving of any file type
  • Revision-safe archiving
  • Version control of files
  • Deduplication of files
  • JobViewer component available
  • Form integration for JobViewer
  • Use of multiple storage adapters
  • Integrated rights management for viewing documents inside the workflow
  • Direct access of documents from the user’s Inbox
  • JobArchive system activities for executing actions within JobArchive (Archiving, changing index data, etc.)
  • Multi-lingual archives (only available with JobRouter Enterprise)