JobRouter Overview

Business Process Management (BPM) has never been easier.

A Fast ROI: JobRouter makes it easy to model and automate your business processes and workflows in the shortest possible time — creating end-to-end process efficiency throughout your organization.
Information at Your Fingertips: Stop searching for info and waiting on others. With JobRouter, you view tasks and documents in seconds, work on them, route them on - based on business rules you set.
Automate 1 Process or 100:
Start with a single process or automate processes across the organization. Pay only for what you use. JobRouter makes it easy to scale up as your BPM requirements grow.

Easy to Use - Intuitive for a fast learning curve to success

Using JobRouter is intuitively easy. After only a few minutes you will become familiar with the web-based user interface. No time consuming training is necessary. After login, a user is a member of one or more job functions. The associated access rights allow them to start new business process instances or to work on tasks assigned to them based on job function. Every user has just the right functions available to perform tasks most efficiently.

Easy to Integrate - Large set
of 3rd party interfaces

JobRouter makes integration into all types of existing business applications and IT systems simple. Process data may be exchanged easily with other applications such as ERP, document management or finance systems. That makes it easy to control all kinds of process and document flow through your organization. In addition JobRouter’s API allows project-specific integration by building individual interface modules.

Easy to Create - Design processes without programming

JobRouter Designer allows you to easily layout the map of your business processes graphically by placing symbols that represent process steps and by adding business rules defined by easy to understand conditions and actions. Functions and users are associated to process steps with a simple point and click and even sophisticated electronic forms are created graphically without the need for programming. Simple, easy - but powerful.

Easy to Manage - No specialized IT staff needed

JobRouter requires little operations or maintenance effort. Other than the fact that every IT system of this kind requires a daily data backup and security updates, there is very little to do. Differentiation between system administrators and process owners makes it easy to separate roles, where IT takes care of the system and the business departments take care of their active processes.

Easy to Test - Built-in process workflow simulation and testing

Once your new business process has been designed it’s ready for testing with the built-in JobRouter Simulator. As process designer you can move through the process in simulation mode, one step after another. Easily follow all of the process data and monitor the defined business rules to make sure that every function and every business rule of your new business process is working as you intended.

Learn more about JobRouter business process simulation and testing.

Easy to Manage Documents - Instant access to documents

Easily control the flow of documents in JobRouter business processes. When accessing documents from a workflow application, users benefit from JobRouter’s integrated rights management for accessing and displaying all case-related documents. Anyone working on a workflow instance with a number of associated documents can access and display these documents with a simple push of a button.

Easy to Deploy - Deployed with full version control

JobRouter makes deployment easy. Joined development/ test and production environments provide a secure and comfortable path from the design and test system into the production system. Once activated on the production system, the business process is available by web browser. No client software is necessary. Just login to utilize the business process. Process design and process administration are also web browser based.

Easy to Stay Compliant - Control processes and reduce risk

JobRouter can help make it easier to achieve and demonstrate compliance performance. This is especially important when requirements are constantly evolving or in industries with highly regulated processes such as financial service, health care or government. JobRouter's data validation, business rules engine, granular security model, and automated audit trails support your organization's compliance efforts more efficiently than ever before.

Easy to Improve - A 360 view into process performance

Whenever the question of who has done what and why arises, JobRouter is able to answer. JobRouter stores all process instance data in an SQL database and there are numerous ways to easily analyze the process data to uncover process improvement concepts. These in turn are easy to implement and to verify by using JobRouter’s simulation mode. Built-in versioning gives you control over the different development stages for every process.